I was lucky enough to receive the Ciaté London Mini Manor 2014 calendar as a Christmas present… it’s a NAIL POLISH ADVENT CALENDAR!!!


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I love the Ciaté calendars as it’s a way to try different nail polishes without forking out an absolute fortune.

However just a note they do usually retail in Canada for about $75… which cheaper than buying all the colours. But is still an expense … so here’s a hint … if you wait until after Christmas, this set is dramatically reduced, you can get them as cheap as $25!!!

Anyway I have decided that every Friday I am going to do a swatch… I am going to paint my nails my fav colour of the week.

This week its:

ESPADRILLES, it’s a stunning ruby red. Perfect for the snowy time… it makes me feel all wintery and Dorothy like. We’re not in Kansas anymore!

xoxo Fil



Beauty… You’ve been HACKED!

I was hanging out with my friend over the weekend, and we got to talking about… beauty hacks. These little ingenious notes are taking over the internet space like crazy! So I thought I would jump on board and give you my top 5 beauty hacks.

1. To set your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and dust your fav translucent powder over the tissue.


2. Dust baby powder over lashes in between mascara application for ‘false’ lash look


3. Conceal dark under eye circles by using, orange eyeshadow before concealer.


4. Use school glue as a base coat, before applying glitter. This makes it A LOT easier to remove.


5. Heating up your eyeliner pencil creates are more intense ‘gel-liner’ like pencil…. remember to let it cool down.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.40.07 AM


Beauty hacks are a fun thing to experiment with and change up your boring day to day routine. Give some a go!

xoxo Fil