A Royal FLOP

A Royal FLOP

Probably none of you have ever heard of, or will ever watch ‘I wanna marry Harry’…. and that’s really for the best.

‘I wanna marry Harry’ highlights the stupidity and ignorance of Americans (not hating on American’s though).

The reality show in which, 12 American girls travel to the UK with the thought to win Prince Harry’s hand. Little do they know this is a massive hoax and their ‘Prince’ is actually Matthew Hicks an environmental consultant.

Now this is where I am completely lost and maybe it is because I am British. Haven’t we seen enough images of Prince Harry to know that it’s probably not him?? Do we really think the monarchy would allow Prince Harry to be followed around by a reality show and 12 ditsy American girls??

Well I recommend you not wasting your time watching it. But if this is totally for you, you can thank Ryan Seacrest productions, and FOX…. enjoy!!

xoxo Fil


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