Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Getting fit and in shape, has always been a great problem for me, because…. I’M LAZY!

I would much prefer to snuggle with my puppy, under a blanket watching a movie, with a massive bowl of popcorn.

I also hate gyms… HATE them! Well unless there is a pool or a sauna where I can lounge around.

However summer is here, and I have yet again sworn to myself to get in shape. My main goal: toning that BOOTAY!

I have watched numerous youtube videos and hated them. However I think I have found one that fits me. After watching these videos (and working out of course) I do feel a little bit fitter … but more importantly MOTIVATED to work out more.

Check out some of their video’s at:

My fav is the 100 rep squat challenge.

So if your like me… lazy, lazy, lazy! Search and explore different avenues of working out, you just might not have found the right fit yet.

xoxo Fil


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