Belly Baring

Belly Baring

Attention all my belly baring divas!

The crop top is still relevant this summer.

Your wearing them… your seeing them in every store, on every celebrity… everywhere!

There is no escaping the crop top again this summer, and why would you?

There are so many different styles of crop tops to get your hands on this season, from showing it all off, to giving just a hint.

Dressing it up with a slim fit skirt, or wearing it everyday with a pair of shorts. It is easy to mix crop tops into your summer wardrobe.

Be confident!

xoxo Fil

Shadey Days

Shadey Days

This summer explore your fashion style with SUNGLASSES!

Summer 2014 is all about comfort, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is a-ok. But if you are wanting add a touch of character to your outfit, then one way is to add a pair of fun sunglasses to the mix.

There are sooooo many different shapes, colors, and styles of sunglasses, from high end to low end. It’s just all about playing around and finding a shape and look that suits you. There are also many online tools that help you narrow down the best shape to fit your face.

Sunglasses are always ‘eye catching’.

xoxo Fil

Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Getting fit and in shape, has always been a great problem for me, because…. I’M LAZY!

I would much prefer to snuggle with my puppy, under a blanket watching a movie, with a massive bowl of popcorn.

I also hate gyms… HATE them! Well unless there is a pool or a sauna where I can lounge around.

However summer is here, and I have yet again sworn to myself to get in shape. My main goal: toning that BOOTAY!

I have watched numerous youtube videos and hated them. However I think I have found one that fits me. After watching these videos (and working out of course) I do feel a little bit fitter … but more importantly MOTIVATED to work out more.

Check out some of their video’s at:

My fav is the 100 rep squat challenge.

So if your like me… lazy, lazy, lazy! Search and explore different avenues of working out, you just might not have found the right fit yet.

xoxo Fil



With the release date for the new Disney movie Maleficent, the untold story of 1959 Disney ‘Sleeping Beauty’ villain, fast approaching(May 30th 2014), news that jewellery designers Crows Nest has teamed up with Disney to bring a collection is fast spreading.

So if your a little to old to collect the classic movie souvenirs the Disney store has to offer and have a butt load of cash, then maybe Crows Nest is the answer for you.

Inspired by the movie designer Daniel Belevitch used: fire, thorns, dragons and feathers as his pattern to create a seven piece collection, consisting of rings, bracelets, and ear cuffs. Each piece is made from rhodium and black diamonds, and feature a pear-shaped onyx stone.

Although these items are completely out of my budget, with prices ranging from $4,500 – $24,500 … a girl can admire them from afar.

xoxo Fil

Help me… I’m melting!

Help me... I'm melting!

Summers in the office can be DEADLY… the heat, the smell, the stick.

Finding summer office attire can be a hard transition as you don’t want to give off the wrong impression. However, thanks to our friends at H&M, Zara, Forever 21 etc finding summer appropriate items to mix into your office attire is a little bit easier.

Melting in your shirt and pants ensemble? Try switching those pants out for a cute pair of shorts, or a flowy skirt.

Sizzling in the structure of the classic office dress? Wear a slightly less form fitting dress, and try wearing summer friendly materials, such as cotton and linen.

Just by switching out various items in your outfit, can guarantee you a better cooler summer working experience.

xoxo Fil

It’s a …. Target Announcement

It's a .... Target Announcement

So I am probably late telling you all the news but I was too busy enjoying my weekend!

Target announced last Thursday that it’s newest designer collaboration will be none other than the celebrity wearing designer Altuzarra!

I am so excited about this collaboration and cannot wait until September 14th when I can finally afford to get my hands on some of Joseph Altuzarra’s work.

The collection is including EVERYTHING from apparel to lingerie, accessories to footwear … in fact it is a 50 piece collection! With prices ranging from $17.99 – $89.99 …. not bad!

Items will be available in most Target stores across Canada and America, however NET-A-PORTER.COM will also be will be selling the collection for people across the world.

So make a note of this in your calendars! Don’t forget September 14th!

xoxo Fil

Please Sir can I have some… Pimm’s

Please Sir can I have some... Pimm's

After a great Saturday night with some amazing friends, drinking in the moonlight… it was pretty simple to figure out what I wanted to talk about today……ALCOHOL.

Last night I figured I would let my Canadian friends in on a British summer treasure… The Pimm’s Cup. May I say… THEY BLOODY LOVED IT!

The Pimm’s cup is an incredibly refreshing drink consisting of:

Pimm’s #1
Ginger Ale

You can also add things like: raspberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, mint etc. It’s also a cute idea to serve your Pimm’s cup in a mason jar.

So if your looking for a new summer drink, do try out the British classic…. I know you’ll love it. But do be warned it can be deadly.

xoxo Fil

Style Crush

Style Crush

My style crush of the week is the gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whitely. My British sister RULED this 2014 Cannes Film Festival with her effortlessly chic looks.

I want to wear EVERY single outfit… waaaaaaa

She wore a slinky black Cushnie Et Ochs dress for the De Grisogono party she finished it off perfectly with a pop of color in her earrings.

For the premiere for ‘The Search’ she wore a perfectly fitting embroidered Gucci gown with minimal accessories.

To top it off she killed it by wearing a Emilio Pucci gown to the amfAR Aids Gala… although pointer I did hate the black shoes.

Well Miss Rosie Huntington Whitely a massive congratulations to your talented stylist… and of course you for creating yourself some show stopping Cannes. STUNNING!

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

For my first fashion Friday, I wanted to talk about something that is a staple in my closet!


I have pretty much been OBSESSED with jumpsuits for the past year and I am so happy that they are now accessible to purchase thanks to our wallet happy friends … H&M, Forever 21, Zara etc.

There is something about a jumpsuit that is so chic… they are so comfortable.
Wear it casual with a pair of flats or your fav converses for a casual everyday look or spice it up for a night out with a pair of heels.

However you wear your jumpsuit just know you look chic … without the effort! (shhh)

xoxo Fil

Photo credit:

PomPom Princess

PomPom Princess

Bored of the overdone floral crown? Want something a little different to rock this summer? Love DIY’s but are impatient? Then…


It’s so quick to make … you will be done in less than 10mins!

– Plain headband
– Hot glue gun + hot glue sticks…. duhhh
– Pom poms of your choice (I like the stringed ones for this)
-all items can be found at your local craft store-

– Glue pom pom balls onto headband

THAT’S IT!… I told you QUICK!!

So now congratulate yourself on being a DIY diva, and wear that pom pom crown with pride!

Until next time (tomorrow)!

xoxo Fil

p.s above image is a Pom Pom crown I made for Modo Magazine… see super fashionable!